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AeroSPARX pilots have the best views in the world

AeroSPARX brings together world-renowned pilots – Guy Westgate and Tim Dews – who both fly Grob109b motorgliders. By day they perform a formation flying display with aerial acrobatics, but by night they quite literally shine! With a unique flying pyro display, lighting up the night sky.

AeroSPARX are a new team for this season, and their night pyrotechnic display has already captivated crowds across Europe, from UK, Ireland, Finland, Spain and Poland. Their display in Jersey this month will be the first night display ever permitted over the Channel Islands, so be sure to keep an eye on the night sky.

Sydney Charles are the proud sponsor of AeroSPARX and our logo can be seen frequently seen zipping across the sky on the tail fins of both planes as well as the team’s flying jackets and branded apparel.

This short video clip showcases AeroSPARX’s daytime and night pyro flying antics, so you can see for yourself the beauty of their long glider wings and the sparkle of their fireworks.

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