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Sydney Charles announces three year sponsorship for Lasham Gliding Society

We are very pleased to announce that Sydney Charles is now a proud sponsor of Lasham Gliding Society, the UK’s premier gliding organisation. We are very committed to the gliding community, specialising in glider and sailplane insurance, so we are very happy to be an official sponsor of this fantastic organisation.

The agreement will see Sydney Charles provide the society with financial support over a three year period, which will also be a very exciting time for Lasham as it will be hosting some of the UK and Europe’s biggest gliding events. These include the 2015 18m Class Nationals and Lasham Regionals, the 2016 Lasham Regionals, the pre-championship Lasham Glide 2016 and the 2017 European Championships.

‘We have always been committed to gliding in the UK and Europe so it has been fantastic to see the growth in the popularity of the sport in the last few years,’ said Philip Lepp, Sydney Charles Managing Director. ‘We are delighted to be supporting the Lasham Gliding Society especially over the next three years when it will be home to so many fantastic gliding events.’

Werner Stroud, Lasham Gliding Society General Manager said, ‘The next three years are going to be very exciting for us here at Lasham, especially as we have a whole programme of developments and improvements to the site planned. It is wonderful to have the support of Sydney Charles throughout this time, helping us make every event and activity we undertake in the next three years a real success.’

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